1-2-3… Start Counting Blessings!

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Counting My Blessings Yes!  This year has flown faster than any of the other years in my entire life, and the clock continues to tick.  Stop!  I want to savor every second, but my busy life continues to spin.

How many times do I do the things I am supposed to do, but my heart is not really engaged?… I am running ahead in my mind to the next thing on my plate.

Has this ever happened to you?  Well, it has to me more times than I dare count.  I have found at times in my life it is a very dangerous thing to run my heart on auto pilot instead of living the present moment I am standing in.  When this happens, sooooo much is missed!

I love life and the blessings that continuously flow, and I don’t want to miss anything…but sometimes I do.

A tiny post by one of my most loved and endeared writers STOPPED ME IN MY TRACKS this past weekend.

While reading on Ann Voskamp’s Facebook page she wrote for this month , “Count 33 gifts a day=1,000!”  I have always loved her book “One Thousand Gifts”.

My husband and I decided to take the plunge into one of the most encouraging things we have done all year!

“And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.”  Colossians 3:17

Each evening for the month of November, we are going to stop, count blessings, and celebrate what God, our Creator, our Provider, our Redeemer has done in our lives all year!

Some may think this is overkill, but it is exactly what we are in need of.

Being in the ministry, we deal with heavy situations of drama, death, incurable illness, chronic depression, addictions, abuse, broken lives, etc., and life gets heavy.  Yet, we have also watched God do the impossible time and time again.

He is drawing us to renew and refresh our hearts by refocusing on the important…taking our minds off of the urgent… and remembering his bountiful blessings!

“Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;”  Ephesians 5:20

 Have you ever wondered how in the world the impossible situation you are facing in your lives can or will ever turn out right?

Do you ever feel exhausted just from over thinking??

Refocus your thoughts and join us in counting blessings, not because we are supposed to, but because our heart is overflowing with all God has done in our midst!

Are you ready?

1-2-3 Start counting blessings!

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  1. Shelia Gatlin says:

    He really does bless us in very unexpected ways. Sometimes even through pain and loss. Sometimes through sweet, beautiful times. You’ve inspired me to “Count my many blessings”. Thank you Cathy for your sweet kind spirit.

    • You are right Shelia…no matter what happens in our life…just keep being grateful for life and the blessings we do have. Sometimes it is very hard and other times we can’t hold back the praise. Giving thanks is the key to a content life. Thank you so much joining the “Life Bubbling Over!” Facebook page and my Blog. I am loving doing this.

  2. Good for you! I’ve started and stopped counting the last two years, fearful to begin again. But, I am listing my thanks on my FB page this month and hopefully that will create a habit that I can stick with.

  3. I can relate to the heart being on auto-pilot! We have a ton of things spiraling on our plates and I fear the activity and “need-to’s” have stolen my thoughts. Thank you for this reminder to slow down, recognize the moment and count!

  4. Life does get sticky and also beautiful when in ministry (or anytime really.) Thank you for sharing your awesome post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”

  5. I try to start my day counting blessings or being thankful to set the tone for the rest of the day. It’s very important. It would be great to do this with my husband at night! I can start and end my day with thankfulness. When you and your husband do this at night together, how long do you do this for?

    • Actually today we were able to go to breakfast together after an appointment, and it took longer than usual. So, I got out a little notebook I carry in my purse and we started counting blessings. Tonight we finished them. Usually at night we spend about 15 minutes after our meal just sharing blessings and relaxing together. Today we were with a lady that has Lou Gerighs. She is awaiting a procedure to get a pace maker put in her diaphragm to help her continue breathing. She will be the 5th one in the USA to have the procedure. Her future is grim, yet she said she wins either way! If we look around…counting blessings is easy and keeps us humbled because we are so undeserving. You and you husband have fun counting what God is doing in your lives. I was so glad to find your site. I followed you on FB. You can follow Life Bubbling Over on FB if you like. Many Blessings!!

  6. This sounds like a great idea! I haven’t read Ann’s book yet but hearing about it so often it’s already encouraged me to give thanks more often.

    Visiting from the essentials Friday’s link-up tonight. : )

    • So gald you are going to try the thankfulness idea. You must read the book. I was greatly impacted by her life story and the gift of thankfulness she shares so freely.

  7. What a wonderful idea to do this season! Her book has been on my list to read – it sounds wonderful. I want to do this as a family and start instilling that sense of thankfulness in my kids.

    • Kathryn, put her book on your priority list for this year. I made “Blessing Cups” with my Children’s Church kids this morning. Each person puts a daily blessing in the cup everyday, and they read them on Thanksgiving. Teach your kids early to send thank you notes for gifts and verbablize daily gifts from God. It will be a game changer in their lives, because so many kids today already feel entitled at such a young age. Have fun! Go on a blessing counting drive and just ket the kids say outloud things God has created and thank him for them. —Okay, my friend…I am getting carried away. Until next time. Blessings! Cathy



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