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Thanks for dropping by “Life Bubbling Over!” I’m a Faith/Life Blogger.  Take a breath, breathe, and drink in a little encouragement as we share and DSC00164 discuss God at work in the midst of living out life!  The greatest gift any of us have been given is life, to cherish and enjoy, while running the race in such a way… those who follow will be impacted!  Writing is my heart’s outflow of our “BIG GOD” at work in the midst of life.

My life is packed full of being a pastor’s wife, Children’s Director, writer, and involvement in deep ministry to children through evangelism and outreach with a mission organization.  For the past 38 years, I have been involved with children’s ministry in every facet imaginable.  My passion is being an advocate for the soul-life of children.  I take every opportunity to lead, speak, write, and equip.   I love writing and using crazy, fun, life-changing, lesson ideas and games to engage and teach the children God has entrusted us with.

I’m passionate about encouraging and challenging children’s leaders, parents, and women in general; to live a life for God that is out-of-the box, overflowing with His love, while staying passionate about the things He is passionate about. Because …that is when the joy of life really begins to overflow!

One thing that has greatly shaped my life is being the survivor of losing our only child to a tragic car accident.   —The bubbles represent how fragile life is and reminds me that every second is to be lived to the fullest…seizing every moment…the good and the bad while finding His peace and joy in the smallest of blessings!   They also remind me that just like the wind controls the course of the bubbles, true happiness comes when we allow God to be in control of our lives.  –It was after this tragedy, I reexamined everything!  Even though I already knew it…the finding was mind-blowing.  Everything about everything matters when measured on the scales of eternity.

Our little family here in Georgia consists of my husband, Tim who is my “one in a million”.  I have known him since I was ten!  Also, I can’t leave IMG_0609 out our Chihuahua, “Sugar Baby”, who at times is the little drama queen of the house.  Mine and Tim’s family live out of town, but we have a huge extended family of awesome friends that surround our lives in the community where we live.

My life demands a continual changing of gears, but the awareness is always there…how God is at work in the midst of it all!  Our life truly is a life-breathing mixture of God’s grace, forgiveness, and love!  He’s reminding us He’s there, He cares, and He is continually teaching us to depend on Him.

This blog is a work in progress.  It has been God’s leading that has brought me this far, and I offer “Life Bubbling Over!” to Him to use as He sees fit.  We are regular everyday people with stress, heartaches, worries, and our world is far from perfect.  Sometimes, in the busyness and messiness of life, I might have to call it “Life Boiling Over!”  (—Just keepin’ it real!)  I know every day, every hour, every second that I journey and navigate through life … God walks with me!  Let’s Live it! Love it! Laugh at ourselves!  Be gentle with others!  Breathe in every moment of life and claim joy…no matter what!

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