All of Our Everything!

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Luke 10:27

In our society today, so many people ask this question… “How much can I still do and be a Christian? Can I still do this and be a Christian?  Can I still do that and be a Christian? How much is enough?”…Seeming to be happy, just hovering on the edge with one leg on both sides of the fence.

This verse is the answer.  A loving God, who gave his one and only Son to die on the cross and redeem our soul from hell, deserves no less than ALL of our EVERYTHING!

Just a thought to meditate on today.











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  1. How true!!! Those types of thoughts are dangerous, selfish thoughts – despite how innocent we sometimes think they are. Great reminder that a life was sacrificed for us and we ask “how much” we really need to give…

  2. AMEN! He is worth it all. Have a beautiful day!

  3. Stewardship of His blessings. Knowing it’s all His and surrendering it for His plans and purposes. Amen!



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