All You Need…For All Your Needs!

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Jesus is all you need What seemed like a tragedy to the those who loved Jesus, left them feeling broken and without hope.  Even though they had witnessed first-hand with their own eyes the seemingly impossible miracles,  His compassion for the multitudes, His deep love for the unlovable, and what they heard with their own ears, and  from the lips of Jesus, that even though He would be delivered into the hands of evil, on the third day He would rise again…hope seemed non existent.

How could they trust?  Look what had happened to Him!  Every shred of hope for what was promised was being snuffed out as they watched the promised Savior hanging on the cross like a common thief.  Listening to the cries of the crowd shouting, mocking, and jeering as he was left dying was too horrendous to bear.

How could true victory ever be produced from an event that was shattering every recognizable part of their lives?  The lives that had given up everything to follow Him.  It was gut-wrenching to watch their friends who had once followed Jesus turn in rabid hate!

How could they trust? How can we always trust when situations blow our lives apart and shake our world?

 Why is trust so hard?  I know so many times in my own life situations seemingly unbearable, and a future of hope is unforeseeable.  What about YOU? Maybe you are facing something that rocks your trust.

Keep Trusting!  God’s Word is True.  Trust is our lifeline.

The promise Jesus made can be trusted.  No matter what! His suffering and shame was not by chance.  It was part of God’s plan of redemption. His promise to rise again was truth.  Truth that can be trusted, embraced, and lived out with an unshakable confidence.

The sacrifice on the cross that happened so many years ago, is still relevant for our now, our tomorrow and our future.  JESUS IS ALIVE!

Celebrate this Easter like you’ve never celebrated before!  Trust Jesus with total abandonment.

Jesus is ALL you need for ALL YOUR NEEDS!  

Happy Easter My Friends!

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  1. AMEN!!!! hopping over from the weekend brew!

  2. Greetings, Cathy,

    Thanks for this beautiful post and for the encouragement to “trust Jesus with total abandonment.” When something “rocks your trust,” TRUST YOUR ROCK!

    Visiting from The Weekend Brew, with gratitude for this inspiring challenge to my faith. Happy Easter to you and your family…


  3. Beth (SimplyBeth) says:

    “Jesus is ALL you need for ALL YOUR NEEDS!” Amen! His promises can be trusted. #preachingtomyself. Easter blessings to you. Thank you for your visit to my place too.

  4. “He is all I need”. Thank you for this reminder today. So glad you linked up with The Weekend Brew! Happy Easter!

    • Amen Barbie! We would be hopeless without Jesus. I am enjoying the Brew…I am a southern sweet tea drinker, and we brew it so the Weekend Brew is perfect for me to connect and enjoy. Have a wonderful Easter celebrating our risen Lord!…<><...Blessings

  5. He is everything! so very true!



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