Crank Up the Grill

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Cooking Twisted Dogs It is a beautiful evening here in Georgia, and perfect weather for grilling.  It’s the weekend, and something simple but delicious is on the menu. How about a “Twisted Dog”?  My nephew, Brad is a master griller…at least to me he is.  Most of his meals are made on the grill.  To start off this series on yummy grilling ideas, we will start with something so simple anyone can make it.  The hotdog is an “All American” icon of food.

Atlanta has a place called “The Varsity” that has hundreds of variations of the hotdog, but I dare say they don’t have a hotdog compared to the “Twisted Dog”.

Our lives stay super busy.  It seems there’s something from every direction, so when we have down time to relax, we love it like crazy.  There’s something relaxing about the smoke and smell of something on the grill, a big glass of sweet tea, relaxing on the porch, and spending down time together.

“It is the simple things in life that become big memories!”

spiral cut hotdog plate

As you relax, grill and spend time together remember…

All good gifts are from God and every breath we breathe is a gift from him!  Have a blessed time…now go crank up your grill!

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  1. Cathy, now that’s something I can cook! I actually hate cooking, but a twisted dog…I’ll have to try that! Love the pictures! Reciprocating from your visit to my blog.



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