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Kids Collage 1 It is hard to believe, but there are still children in the world who have never heard of Jesus, yet opportunities are everywhere!

Children are hungry for God and truth!  I witness this every week with hundreds of children and many of them unchurched.  The task before us is not small, matter of fact it is huge, but the outcome is life changing.  Guarding our hearts in leadership of children and staying diligent to continue to teach truth is a critical key to children learning about Jesus.  Keep the main thing the main thing.  The children love fun, and so do I, so I like to make sure the fun elements have purpose.  The planning is key, but it sure is worth the effort.

Many times children’s programs are full of bottomless activities that are empty and meatless of the Word of God! Children are hungry…not just for snacks… for God!  The window of childhood is small and sharing Jesus is so important, no price tag can be put on it!

Check this out:

“Of the estimated 160 million Christians in America today, 70 percent of them accepted Christ during their childhood years. And according to Barna Research Group, eight out of every 10 of these kids who become Christians make their decision to follow Christ before age 14. These are encouraging statistics for churches with active children’s ministries and sobering for those without. ”   Barna Research Group

Everyday in America:

This is a great site to check out what is happening in America with children and your own state.  


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