Every Second Counts!

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In homes across the world every morning the alarm goes off, feet hit the floor, and immediately everyone is submerged in the new day.  Most to-do lists are a mile long.  The clock continues to tick giving every person 86,400 seconds to spend, and the average person is begging or wishing for more.

With 86,400 seconds, surely we could get to everything important, but the average Christian spends little or no time in prayer.  Many Christians confess to only praying at mealtime or bedtime.

Have you ever heard anyone say?

“Awh, I only have a few minutes…that’s not enough time to pray and make a difference!”

So that brings us to the question… “How much time is really enough?”

We live in a society that seems to live in overdrive. We can call home almost from anywhere, text message our thoughts clear across the United States, send and receive pictures over the phone line, check the weather from our phone or computer in seconds, prepare quick meals in an instant, use instant spot removers, turn the TV on and off with the click of a remote, and the list goes on and on.  All of these actions and hundreds more can be done in mere seconds!

In our lifestyles today…yes, seconds count!

Some think praying for only a few seconds a day could not possibly make a difference… but seconds become minutes, and according to statistics, every second of every minute does count!

In the mixture of this fast-paced life, there are real hurts, brokenness, loss, pain, stress, temptations, hopelessness, and the list goes on perpetually.

Prayer is so needed, and if Christians don’t pray, who will?

Prayer is the greatest source of power and strength ever made available to humans, yet the least sought after.

Do seconds of prayer matter?  Sure they do…they especially matter to the person who is being prayed for. We need to do a heart check of our time.

healthy lifestyle concept

I am not saying don’t have a quiet time with God, I totally recommend it, but the fact is many Christians struggle in this area.  Prayer is neglected, because of no time, and this doesn’t have to be the case.

So many people around us live in a prayerless world…with no one that prays for them!  If God has put someone in your path, take responsibility!!  Pray for them…every second counts for eternity!!

When my feet hit the floor in the morning, I start praying!  I don’t have to worry about what to pray about, there are always needs.  I haven’t always done this, but circumstances brought me to a very broken place in my life and prayer was my oxygen.  It was during this season I realized I had been missing a powerful ingredient to my growth.

As the seconds tick away…

Get started by pulling one person, one situation, one heartache at a time into your heart and bathing them in prayer.

Challenge yourself to find seconds that could be captured in prayer!  Pour out your prayers as a life- breathing mixture to God on behalf of those around you and for yourself.

Enjoy watching your seconds turn into minutes of quality payer time scattered throughout your day!

I would love to hear your comments if this has helped or encouraged you in any way.

Come back tomorrow as we look at creative ways to pray for others.



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  1. Fabulous post! I agree, seconds count. Whenever I hear or read about somebody who is requesting prayer, I stop where I am, close my eyes and say a prayer for him or her. And I always include her name in the prayer. It only takes a moment but I know God hears all. Blessings!

  2. May we redeem the time, for the days are evil. May we use every second to glorify Him in all that we do, think and say. Thanks for the great post & God bless!

  3. Excellent reminders to pray first thing in the morning and also as their faces come before you during the day. At one of my jobs, they had me filing address cards. As the names and cities came up, I also saw in my spirit a friend so I used that time to breathe their name in prayer. Thank you for sharing your inspiring post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”

    • Praying for your friend when filing the address cards was perfect. There are so many ways to pray as God reminds our heart of someone. Thanks again for stopping by.

  4. Bonny Miles says:

    Yes, Cathy, I am pulling into my heart a little girl from our GNC the last two years, who moved away this summer, because she is fighting for her life at a hospital in Atlanta. Our whole church is pulling her into our hearts. Thanks for this post.

    • Bonnie, I am so glad she has you and your church in her life to prayer for her. Every breath, every second is more important than we could ever realize. I love you sweet friend!

  5. I love your encouragement to pray, Cathy. We so need to pray.



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