How To Move Forward With Hope!

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How to Move Forward It has taken me time to ease into 2015.  No resolutions for me…just reflection and resolve.

I hate resolutions!  They are a set up for disappointment and regret…or at least for me.  For most, they are a list without a game plan, a wish list without action.  Often, resolutions are what we desire, but are not willing to do the work to make it happen.

This New Year my heart is overwhelmed at God’s goodness in my life. As I read in Psalms this morning, I was reminded of God’s hand of faithfulness over and over in the lives of his children.  In Psalm 78, he reminds us to make his ways known to our children so the generations to come may know him.


“That they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments.”  

Wow! Just that one little verse is chock-full of powerful truth.

If I am serious about change, my hope can’t be in a list of wants.  The power in our lives to overcome whatever is in our path comes from seting our hope in God.  This verse in Psalm 78:7 is the key to obedience, strength and courage to shake up things in our lives.

That They May Set Their Hope In God!

As the passage continues, it lists some of the marvelous things God did in their sight.

  • He divided the sea and allowed them to pass through on dry ground, and he pushed the waters back and made them stand.
  • He led them by a cloud during the day and with fire by night.
  • He gave them drink out of a rock as out of the great depths.
  • He brought streams out of the rock and caused water to run down like rivers
  • He fed them with manna from the sky…and so much more!

Even with all of this, the scriptures tell us they continued to sin, turn their backs on him, whine, and complain. It took many hard times to remind them that God was their Rock and their Redeemer.

Oh God, let me never forget where I have journeyed from, the deep waters of trials, what you have brought me through, the rich lessons of truth, and the goodness you have lavished on my life. You are enough for anything I face.

You are…MY Rock!  Oh God, You are…MY Redeemer!

What are my plans for this year? What is my resolve?

To continue to move forward with God, I know looking back will never get me where I am going.  I don’t know what is ahead in the future, but I am not afraid because…

I set my hope in God!

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  1. Looking forward with hope. Praying you are doing well.



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