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    If you have a passion and burden for children, then you already realize there is nothing greater we can invest our lives in than the children.

God has entrusted each of us with the lives of children, whether it be our own children, the children you are raising, teaching, or the ones He has surrounded you with.  One thing is for sure, childhood is the shortest season of their entire lives.  Time to impact is very short  The children God has divinely put in our lives will be grown in what seems like a blink, resulting in the children of today becoming our leaders of tomorrow!  Now that is a sobering thought.  No one put it any better than Abraham Lincoln:

“A child is going to carry on what you have started.  He will assume control of your cities, states and nations.  He is going to move in and take over your churches, schools, universities, and corporations.  The fate of humanity is in his hands.”  Abraham Lincoln


In the midst of  our crazy, busy, lives, God Himself is calling us to value and treasure the children in our lives like never before!  He is calling parents, grandparents, teachers, children’s directors, Sunday School teachers, congregations, coaches, or ANYONE who is significant in the life of a child.  It’s imperative that we teach God’s truths and God’s ways, thus impacting their hearts, minds, and souls for the kingdom of God!

Wow!  What a responsibility!


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