“No!” To Fear!

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“Fear not:  for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by name; thou art mine.”

 Isaiah 43:1a

While outside swinging, my little great nephew was begging his daddy to take him higher and  higher as his dad pushed the swing through the air!  He was happy beyond belief.  He had no fear of soaring in the tree tops! He had NO FEAR of the ropes breaking and crashing to the ground.

Although unvoiced, he had no fear because he knew without an inkling of a doubt his daddy was in control and wouldn’t dare do something to harm him.  The love between them was just too great!

I live in another state, but when I saw this beautiful picture of him on Facebook, I had to call my nephew and hear the story;  the story of a father’s love and a little boy, his son…sharing moments that turn into memories that will last a lifetime.  That‘s the good stuff that life is made of, catching every tiny happening and gathering them in our heart to warm our soul and deepen our love for each other.

So much of what we experience in life will be forever connected to triggers, triggers of remembrance.  The stronger the experiences, the stronger the trigger becomes.

When I printed the picture and knew the story behind it, it made me think of how God wants that same kind of childlike trust from me that my little great nephew has for his father.

This kind of trust says, “Okay God, no matter what is happening, no matter how hard it is, I am going to relax and put this difficult or crazy situation in your hands.  You know what is best.  You are in control.  No matter what the outcome, I know your great love for me would never allow you to deliberately hurt me.  Your love is too great, and I trust you completely.”

I don’t always do this.  Why is it hard to trust sometimes without having a struggle first?  It would be awesome to be like my great nephew and just embrace the moment with complete trust.  This reminds me of the story of Peter in the New Testament in Matthew 18: 24-31 when he saw Jesus walking on the water.

  • First he and the other disciples stressed out thinking Jesus was a spirit walking on the water.
  • To calm their fear, Jesus spoke to them telling them to cheer up and not be afraid…that should have done it right there.  Jesus himself saying, “Don’t be afraid!” NO FEAR.
  • Peter wanted to see for himself and asked Jesus if he could come to him, and Jesus said, “Yes”.
  • In the midst of boisterous winds, which mean there were probably choppy waves, Peter steps out of the boat with his eyes on Jesus and starts walking on water.  That took faith and a lot of courage.
  •  He is walking on water, in the middle of a storm.  Big time FEAR kicks in on his way to Jesus and the worst possible thing happens…he starts looking at the stormy sea around him on all sides.
  • He takes his eyes off Jesus and starts to sink.  The minute he allows this to happen, things deteriorate fast!  He is being sucked down into the turbulent seas in full despair.

I would like to say I would have reacted differently than Peter and had NO FEAR, but I have been in difficult situations and was doing okay until I got stressed out and panicked, taking my eyes off Jesus.  I should have had the faith and trust like my little nephew had in his father, but at that moment…didn’t.

But one thing I know for sure, Jesus has ALWAYS been there with his forgiving, outstretched hand.

Jesus cares, He forgives, and He loves us deeper and wider than all oceans put together.

Although sometimes it is not easy, I know His biggest desire is for us to say, “NO” TO FEAR  and have complete confidence and trust in His loving care no matter what!

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  1. What a great reminder of God’s parental love for every one of us! This may come in handy one day to encourage the young mother I wrote about. I’m so glad your nephew has such a great daddy!

    • That would be great Susan. I pray you will get another opportunity to encourage this young lady. The ministry sounds awesome and is so needed. I visiting your Blog. Come join the “Life Bubbling Over!” Facebook page and let’s get to know each other more.

  2. Loved this post. For me it is difficult to trust because of past hurts – those in authority hurting or disappointing me. How I would love to have childlike faith restored to my heart! I know the Holy Spirit can work this in me as long as I am patient. Blessings!

    • Me to Carrie. I have trust issues from terrible hurts. Something broke and it seems like it takes letting go of it one fragment at a time. I wish I could get rid of all of it at one time but I guess if I really admit the truth I guard my heart All the time. I am constantly giving my Fear to God and taking it back. Crazy huh?

  3. Cathy, I love that if we keep our eyes on Jesus we have no reason to fear. If we could always do that w e would live fearless. Great post. Blessings friend, Kasey

  4. It is so hard to let go of fear and hold onto faith. But, it is essential today — especially in our world of unknowns and failings. Thanks for a great reminder!!

  5. This was a captivating story of your great-nephew and Peter. I would have been like Peter with great fear and not like your nephew who trusted implicitly.

    • Me too Judith. I always want to check out my options and get my eyes off where they are suppose to be. Thanks for stopping by my friend. I am enjoying your Blog. Have a great week.



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