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Prayer     Are you looking for a power boost in teaching children?  Today, everywhere you turn Children’s Ministry leaders are looking for the next “IT” thing…the secret weapon to bring life into their children’s programing, grow it, help it thrive, gain effectiveness, and strengthen bases that may be weak.  There are lots of programs out there …  really great ones, and we need them, but none of them will be as effective as they claim without the key ministry ingredient, or should I say, the key life ingredient of PRAYER.

A friend told me one time, “Don’t ask for more ministry than you are willing to pray for!”

Wow!  At that time in my life, I was State Director of Georgia for a mission organization to children, and there were almost 3 million children in the state and lots of ministry outreach to least-reached children.   The need for prayer was so great; I knew I needed more prayer power in my life and over the ministry.  Do you ever find yourself in that place?  It is not a good place to be in, because the feeling of doing ministry alone can really pull at your spirit.

Prayer will grow your ministry, cause it to thrive, gain effectiveness, strengthen weaknesses, and  turn hopeless situations around. (Not all at once)  Prayer costs nothing but time and brings results to everything…even if we can’t see the results!

Here is one of my favorite quotes on prayer:

“The devil is not terribly frightened of our human efforts and credentials.  But he knows his kingdom will be damaged when we begin to lift up our hearts to God.  (Jim Cymbala)

I had always had a prayer partner, but a prayer team was long overdue.  I began to search my sphere of influence for people who have shown interest in the hearts and souls of children and let me know often they were praying for me.  It is important they believe in what you are doing.

I can’t stress the importance of building a prayer team around you and your ministry. It doesn’t have to be a large team.  Really, a small team has close-knit dynamics that work great.  Developing a group of passionate praying people  will become a huge power-boost in every facet of movement in your ministry. Will you still have challenges?  Oh Yes! At times tremendous challenges; but those challenges belong to our tremendously BIG God!

As you begin looking for prayer partners, ask yourself these questions.

  1. Do they display spiritual maturity?
  2. Is it apparent they are praying people?
  3. Are they passionate about children knowing God?
  4. Are they faithful and dependable?
  5. Are they available?   

A Ministry that is Prayed for is a  POWER-BOOSTED MINISTRY!

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