Spending Time With God!

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My Quiet Time Teaching children to spend time with God is a critical element of discipleship! Many children attend church activities without any parental involvement.  Some have never even heard the name of Jesus at home except in a curse word.  Our programs will be filled with children from all types of home environments, but one thing Christian children have in common is the need to grow more in the ways of God.  One way to do that is teaching them how to establish a quiet time.  This will greatly strengthen their spiritual stability.

The sin of this world continually pours out un-truth, and trash that has many faces and many voices that wash into the “children’s zones” of our society.  As kids are bombarded…how do they decipher what is good, what is safe, what is soul worthy enough to hang on to, or what isn’t good for their faith journey?  It is not easy, it is a step by step process as we walk beside them with love, concern, accountability, and genuine interest in their soul life.

Where do they start? What do they use? –A simple tool I give each child is the  “Wonder Devotion Book”, but there are a tremendous amount of devotionals on the market today.  Just shop around.  I put the book in a zip-lock-baggie along with a pencil, highlighter, book mark and what ever else I want to give them as we go along! 🙂 This helps keep everything organized. The Wonder Devotion Book is a simple, easy to use, 60 day devotional that teaches children to know, respect, love and serve God with our lives. I get them to bring it back each week for me to check.  Starting a new habit takes time to really get it to take hold in our life.  This is no different.  We know that if we don’t take the time to get alone with God, read His Word and talk to Him in prayer…our Christian walk begins to lose balance… Teaching children this habit at an early age is critical in developing and growing their life long relationship to God!

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