Sword Sharpening!

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Give your Sunday School, Children’s Church, or Bible Club, plenty of opportunities to keep old Satan defeated by having spontaneous times of scripture memory review. 

  •  Remind the kids that God’s Word is 100% true
  • Buy inexpensive toy swords from the dollar store.  Keep them available in your classroom.
  • At different times lay one sword or several swords on the table (depending on the size of the group), and give the challenge.  Sword Sharpening!”
  •  This is a great time for children to say the verse they are working on or any of the verses they have learned. As children respond and stand to their feet, choose several children to come up and draw a sword.  Remind them that quoting scripture when tempted is like sticking a sharp sword in Satan and keeps him defeated!

bible-sword **Children will begin to love drawing the sword and quoting the scriptures they have learned.  As they quote the scripture, have one of the teachers make the “Uggh!!!” sound like the devil being stuck with the sword.  Be sure to remind the children that knowing God’s Word is important, and defeating Satan is serious.                                                                                          

***This same concept can be used for the children to give brief testimonies of God at work in their lives. —The children like this, and will begin to experience the power of God’s Word in their lives as they sharpen their sword and … take the challenge!

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