All of Our Everything!

In our society today, so many people ask this question… “How much can I still do and be a Christian? Can I still do this and be a Christian?  Can I still do that and be a Christian? How much is enough?”…Seeming to be happy, just hovering on the edge with one leg on both
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Is God’s Word Alive?

Day 5 Growing With God: The children were shrieking with fear and delight as they reached their hand down into my bag! What are they doing? My first thought was that they are trying to steal something, but too afraid.  I walked over and asked what is going on?  Their answer dumbfounded me.  “We are
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Run…A Life Storms is Coming!

When Andrew my son was 6 years old, he was having a sleep over.  The weather that afternoon was horrendous.  The sound of thunder, lightning, pouring rain, and howling wind were almost deafening.   My daddy used to say when it rained like that it was a “toad strangler”, and believe me, no frogs would have
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Broken and Restored!

Yea!  It’s Friday and every Friday I join a community of nearly 300 writers at Five minute Friday link-up.  We write on one prompt, just 5 minutes.  Our word this week is Glue. An antique figurine my grandmother had given me, crashed to the floor.  When she had given it to me it was wrapped
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