Every Second Counts!

In homes across the world every morning the alarm goes off, feet hit the floor, and immediately everyone is submerged in the new day.  Most to-do lists are a mile long.  The clock continues to tick giving every person 86,400 seconds to spend, and the average person is begging or wishing for more. With 86,400
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Is God’s Word Alive?

Day 5 Growing With God: The children were shrieking with fear and delight as they reached their hand down into my bag! What are they doing? My first thought was that they are trying to steal something, but too afraid.  I walked over and asked what is going on?  Their answer dumbfounded me.  “We are
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He Writes The Story!

I remember packing to go to a Christian college instead of a state college, because all of a sudden my graduation plans changed as God said, “Prepare to serve me!” Even though people I loved said, “You will never last”.   I knew turning back was never an option because of God’s message. I remember it
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Yea!! It’s Friday and every Friday I join a community of nearly 300 writers at Five Minute Friday link-up.  We write on one prompt, just 5 minutes.  Our word this week is Paint. As I reflect on my faith journey that started as a child, my heart is stirred at the countless experiences God has
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