With All My Heart!

Hot tears ran down her cheeks as she sat down and began to pour out her heart…her story.   It was a story spilling over with half-truths, hidden secrets, and a betrayal that led to the relationship fragmenting into a million pieces.  ”I loved him with all my heart and overlooked so much…and it still didn’t
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As two children in a small boat floated along enjoying their outing, they drifted out too far from shore, and the strong pull of the undercurrent caught them.  Before they knew it,  their boat had been pushed down stream into treacherous waters.   There was nothing their parents or the onlookers could do but call the
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He Writes The Story!

I remember packing to go to a Christian college instead of a state college, because all of a sudden my graduation plans changed as God said, “Prepare to serve me!” Even though people I loved said, “You will never last”.   I knew turning back was never an option because of God’s message. I remember it
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Nothing Can Stop It!

What a shocker when kids in a local school started reciting God’s Word in languages from across the world!  You may ask how this could this happen. I was teaching in an afterschool Bible Club and the children were reciting their weekly memory verse, when a small voice from the back of the room timidly
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