He Writes The Story!

I remember packing to go to a Christian college instead of a state college, because all of a sudden my graduation plans changed as God said, “Prepare to serve me!” Even though people I loved said, “You will never last”.   I knew turning back was never an option because of God’s message. I remember it
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“No!” To Fear!

“Fear not:  for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by name; thou art mine.”  Isaiah 43:1a While outside swinging, my little great nephew was begging his daddy to take him higher and  higher as his dad pushed the swing through the air!  He was happy beyond belief.  He had no fear of soaring
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Run…A Life Storms is Coming!

When Andrew my son was 6 years old, he was having a sleep over.  The weather that afternoon was horrendous.  The sound of thunder, lightning, pouring rain, and howling wind were almost deafening.   My daddy used to say when it rained like that it was a “toad strangler”, and believe me, no frogs would have
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All You Need…For All Your Needs!

What seemed like a tragedy to the those who loved Jesus, left them feeling broken and without hope.  Even though they had witnessed first-hand with their own eyes the seemingly impossible miracles,  His compassion for the multitudes, His deep love for the unlovable, and what they heard with their own ears, and  from the lips
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