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Niagara Falls p As two children in a small boat floated along enjoying their outing, they drifted out too far from shore, and the strong pull of the undercurrent caught them.  Before they knew it,  their boat had been pushed down stream into treacherous waters.   There was nothing their parents or the onlookers could do but call the Rescue Squad.


You see…this was no simple rescue.  As the helicopter arrived the situation was critical.  The brother and sister were minutes from going over Niagara Falls. The helicopter dropped the rescue ladder and the older sister grabbed for it and climbed to safety, but in the process of the rescue the seven-year-old fell out of the boat and within minutes went over the falls. Usually when anyone went over the falls it was sure death, because of the jagged rocks and mammoth amounts of rushing water…everyone involved knew in their hearts he would never survive…but he did!  His survival was unexplainable except by the intervention of God’s hand. (The little boy is now over 60 years old.)

Why do things happen like they do? 

We could all ask that question about situations in our own lives that have hurt us or disappointed us…or things that are just down right unexplainable.  Many times the depth of what brings us to ask questions is a drain on our joy… especially when there seems to be no answer.

We may never know the “whys” of each situation that troubles us, but we can know this…we get one life…one time to leave our imprint…one chance to impact a lost and dying world and pass a Godly heritage on to the next generation.

If we are a child of God…He has rescued us from sin, given us a brand new life, and desires us to embrace our life and the JOY of knowing He loves us.

I see His love all around me…in sunsets, chirping birds, scampering squirrels, the sound and feel of rain, the changing of the seasons, laughter, children,  and so much more.   I even see His love in my Chihuahua!  His love is fuel to my soul.  Where would my life be without Him?…I shudder to think…but oh how grateful I am for His humongous love;  A love way more powerful than the mighty Niagara Falls.

His love for us is a trillion X a trillion on into infinite!!

“Rejoice in the Lord, and rejoice ye righteous, and shout for all ye that are upright in heart.”  Psalm 32:11

Aren’t we thankful God is in control of all things?  I’ll end today with a little “Joy Fest” that we can remember and stay on track with JOY…

How to Embrace the Power of Un-Stoppable JOY!      

  • Live looking ahead with JOY…not regret.
  • Live by drawing strength from the JOY of knowing the Lord.
  • Live JOY as you remember what God has done in your life!
  • Live JOY as you share His transforming power in situations where others may feel hopeless.
  • Live JOY as you remember God…the Redeemer of your soul!
  • Live JOY as you handle tough situations
  • Live Joy…it’s our secret weapon against the enemy.

God, Empower and help each of us to embrace Your JOY as we live this God-driven life!       

Have a blessed week my friends!  

Un-Stoppable JOY       

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  1. Love the printable! I’m collecting things for visual reminders everyday, and this is perfect.

    • Carrie, glad you could use it. Look at some of the 8 pictures I have put on Life Bubblig Over Facebook page. You don’t have to like it to look and download any picture you like. I will send the guest post info this evening. Have a great weekend and thank you so much for your weekly visits to my blog! Blessings!

  2. Thank you for the reminder of who rescues me. I enjoyed your post today.

    • Thank you Mary. (I enjoyed your post too!) –My friend told me this story this week. She lived in Niagara and last night the complete story aired on the National Geographic channel. God is truly our rescuer!! Thanks so much for stopping by…have a great weekend

  3. Cathy, I love this. In Christ we have un-stoppable joy . . . not based on our circumstances but on His presence in our lives. Forgiveness, love, joy — best blessings ever!

    • If we didn’t have his joy… and our joy was based on our circumstances, we would be in a worse than terrible fix! His JOY…I agree…the best blessing ever! Well, I have enjoyed greatly getting to chat with you today. Have a more than wonderful weekend!

  4. What a rescuer our Savior is. Incredible story. Blessings.

  5. Our God is unstoppable! And isn’t that the center of our faith and trust? Thanks for sharing this amazing story. Just one stands between us at Barbie’s this weekend. So nice to meet you!

    • Sherry, thanks for stopping by. Your art work with scripture was beautiful! I could not find your comment section. So nice to visit your site!–Have a great weekend.

  6. I love this and have pinned for future reference! Thank you!

  7. Love this – Live Joy! Let God be in charge! So much easier to live that joy when I stop worrying and trying to control my life – and just trust that God is in control.

  8. What an amazing story!
    It is a great reminder of God’s constant control in our lives. We have so much for which to be joyful!

    • Yes, we so have so much to be joyful for! I love breathing in his blessing everyday. So glad you stopped by. I enjoyed visiting your blog too! Have a great week. 🙂



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